Cecil’s Corner Entry #1: Why Currency Investors Club Was Created And How You Can Benefit From It

Why are you here?

Not in the general sense of the word, but what do you want out of this?

Is it more money?

… More time?

… More freedom?

… More knowledge about wealth and how to create it?

I began asking the why’s and how’s to these same questions nine years ago and while I haven’t found all of the answers yet I have been on an incredible journey of wealth-discovery and self-discovery.

The road hasn’t always been easy over the past nine years. I’ve definitely hit snags along the way. I’ve made some right calls and some wrong calls. I’ve invested in stuff that has made me a lot of money and I’ve invested in stuff that has lost me a lot of money.

Out of this journey, Currency Investors Club was born.

I’ve been through booms and busts over the last nine years and it has been an incredible ride.

I’ve invested in everything from Currency’s to Roofing Companies in the past nine years.

Lesson #1: Currency Makes The World Round

Fellow Trader,

In this first lesson I want you to understand that I don’t want to just give you fish everyday (as you follow my lead), I want to teach you how to fish. I am sure you are familiar with the saying, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime”. Well that is my goal and it should be the goal of every Currency Investor’s Club member.

So here is what I want you to do. I want you to get the basics on Currency’s. I want you to learn how they change in value, why they change in value, and how you can profit from these changes in value.

Currency’s are a great investment for the times that we are living in because there is always a bull market no matter what country you live in and no matter what your country’s stock market is doing.

Investing in Currency’s allows you to hedge against inflation, deflation, and the devaluation of your country’s currency. Without the currency market the world as we know it does not operate.

We are in a global economy and today if you want a truly diversified investment portfolio currency’s must be a part of that portfolio. Of course you are going to learn about more than just currency’s as a part of the Currency Investor’s Club but this is a great start.

A big question I always get around this point is this: Will fiat (paper) currencies fail and what happens when they do?

Lesson 2: How To Follow The Trend & Make A Fortune

Big money starts with trends or swells. Like a surfer surfing a wave trend following is an art and a way of life. Sometimes the unexpected swell comes in and that is what every trend follower thrives on. These types of trends may happen once a year or less but when they happen you can really make a lot of money fast.

I started using trend following systems back about 8 years ago. Before that I did everything from day trade to use fundamental analysis to try and scalp the market. It was a lot of work and sometimes it didn’t quite payoff.

That’s when I met this guy who I called a super trader. He was consistently making triple digit gains year after year and showed me a track record of over four years of these kinds of gains.He had a $4 million house out in southern California that I visited him at and I was impressed to say the least.

I believe in the principal of finding people that have something you don’t and learning from them.So I asked him what he was going to get these kinds of returns.

He said “I follow the trend, it’s that simple.”

Of course I wanted to know what he knew so I asked him if he would teach me what he did. He said that he didn’t teach anyone because that really wasn’t his focus, but he told me he would tell me who he learned from if I was willing to pay the price.  I said that I was and he gave me a name and a number and said to call this person.

Lesson 3: Intro To Commodities From A Trading Legend

When it comes to trading commodities like Gold and Silver my go to guy is Phil Storer. Phil has become somewhat of a legend over his 40 year career as a professional commodities broker and trader. His accounts of the commodities market over the past four decades are like something you would read out of a fictional novel.

Phil knows his stuff better than anyone I know of and I’ve brought him on board to be one of our Investor Legends in the Currency Investors Club.

Before he gets into the meatier stuff I’ve asked him to put together a basic course on Commodities Trading so that when he lays on his trade calls and more advanced long-term strategies you’ll be ready for them.

So read the letter from Phil below and watch the videos on the right to get started with Commodities. (more…)

Cecil Corner: Currency Market Analysis 9-19-2012

Please click the video to play.

Lesson #4: IRA Conversion Strategy

Dear [wlm_firstname],

Have you ever wished there was a way you could use the massive tax benefits allowed by your IRA to reap bigger profits?

What if I told you that there is a way to triple your IRA’s returns in any market due to little known IRS rules?

Well it is not only possible, it is totally doable and in this letter I’m going to show you how, but first …

Did you know that in 2012 the average life expectancy of an adult is 78.5 years? In fact by the time you and I reach 78 the life expectancy will probably be well into the 80′s. (more…)

Cecil’s Corner: Current Market Analysis 11-14-2012

Watch the video below for a breakdown of the current market trades we are looking at.

Cecil’s Corner: Market Analysis 12-16-2012

Please watch the video below for the latest market analysis update.

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